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Cultivation of Chandeliers

a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:2748:"The history of bohemian crystal starts in the heart of Europe. Deep virgin woods and translucent waters spread from Harrachov village to Kamenick? ?enov: it's the world's most ancient region of the glassblowing. CRYSTAL VALLEY got its name in honour of the unique combination of the raw materials used in glass craft. The glassblowing and glassmelting traditions exist because of the natural treasures of the land and the skills of the local craftsmen.

This land saw the birth of the transparent bohemian crystal glass — Bohemian Crystal, that became the pride of the region, and made it known worldwide. In the very same period the first workshop specialized on crystal chandelier manufacturing appears.

The history of the PRECIOSA company that always produced glass in their own glass-worked furnaces is closely connected with the history of Crystal Valley. Even nowadays the glass factories remain the main point of the whole process. The base of the craft is the crystal glass, melted from high-quality quartz sand of the village St?elec, soda, potash and the other materials, made in proportion defined by the rarest formulas protected by the company — only 4 specialists know whole elements of the structure.

PRECIOSA is one of the least glass factories in Czech Republic that got the permission to melt crystal with a strong plumbum share. One of the biggest advantages of the PRECIOSA glass factory is the manufacture of the lighting object components at one place, where you can also find the glass melting workshop, electric power generation and the glass sheet workshop.


PRECIOSA Lighting is a member of PRECIOSA group, that is one of the leading world manufacturers in the cut crystal components field.

The history of the brand situated in Kamenick? ?enov starts in 1724 г. During the centuries PRECIOSA strenghtened and widen the knowledge about the special traits of the high-quality crystal, such as transparency, frailty and ability to change its shape in liquid state. They transform these physical traits into pure beauty of the artistic object. PRECIOSA preserves the tradition of craftsmanship by means of use of the manual labour. The highest standarts of craft and the unique technologies has made PRECIOSA one of the leaders of the cut glass.

The lighting PRECIOSA became a decor of the interiors worldwide: Versailles, Saint-Petersburg, London, Dubai, Macao and New-York. They are situated in the business and private real estates, as well as in palaces and other residences. The PRECIOSA products include decoration, gifts, crystal components for fashion industry and the legendary coloured crystal beadings.";s:4:"TYPE";s:4:"HTML";}